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CIP cleaning systemCIP cleaning system

CIP cleaning system is the CIP cleaning station. The cleaning station usually has two-tank, three-tank, four-tank and five-tank types. Currently, four-tank type (acid tank, alkali tank, water tank and recovery tank) and five tanks (Alkali tank, acid tank, hot water tank, recovery water tank (neutralization tank), clean water tank) are mostly. The solution stored in each cleaning tank is different, and different cleaning procedures and different detergents are used according to the cleaning needs.

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  • Model: CIP
  • Brand: KM
  • Code: 8428909090
  • Product Description

CIP cleaning system is the tank- device for the rapid automation process. Pre-set system controls the cleaning process from the beginning to the end. It is simple, fast, and cleans thoroughly.

TheCIP cleaning system normally including Acid tank, caustia alkaine tank, and hot water tank one for each, the recycling of detergents and adjustment of temperature, and liquid level are preset.
There are two operation type of CIP system, Manual and Automatic

Material:304 stainless steel,double layer,thickness of inside tank 3mm,external thickness 1.5MM,upper and bottom of tank uses conical head, diameter Ф38 for inlet and outlet. Food grade manhole, supporting feet height-adjustable, adjustable temperature meter. Dimension:1300*2200mm

Volume: 3000L*3

Concentrated acid & alkaline tank:Material:PE barrel,2pcs

Pneumatic diaphragm pump: 35L/min,2sets

Pipe filter: Φ51,SUS304、200 mesh,inlet & outlet diameterφ38

CIP process pump: 15t,SUS304、inlet&outlet diameterφ51,power:3.0KW H=24M

CIP return pumpK 20t,SUS304、inlet&outlet diameterφ51,power:4KW H=36M

Valves and pipes: Φ38, Including stainless steel valve pipeline, pneumatic bufferfly valve, magnetic valve,conner valve,T-links, elbow,quick-fitting three-piece set, square steel, etc

Auto control system: 60-90 degree, Including:8㎡ plate heat exchanger(304stainless steel)

Control system: Stainless steel box, AC contactor, Snyder electrical parts, total power: 10KW