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Fruit pulp Juice filling machine Monoblock
Fruit pulp Juice filling machine Monoblock
Fruit pulp Juice filling machine Monoblock
Fruit pulp Juice filling machine Monoblock
Fruit pulp Juice filling machine Monoblock
Fruit pulp Juice filling machine Monoblock
Fruit pulp Juice filling machine Monoblock
Fruit pulp Juice filling machine Monoblock

Fruit pulp Juice filling machine MonoblockFruit pulp Juice filling machine Monoblock

1.Juice Processing production Line includes Juice Pre-Processing machine ,juice filling machine labeling machine, packing machine

2. Automatic washing filling capping 3 in 1 3. SS304 stainless steel 4. SIEMENS programmed controller (PLC) 5. ISO9001, CE, SGS, BV, SONCAP

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  • Model: RXGF
  • Brand: HFJX
  • Code: 8422301090
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Automatic Asepsis Mango Juice Bottle Juice filling machine Monoblock

Product Description :

This monoblock machine is used to fill the fruit juices and concentrates juice ,fresh juice or flavor juice like the Apple, watermelon orange or other types


Pulp  filling machine 3in1 bottling machine:
Extract juice from fruit and then mixing with water to fill into bottle
Or mixing concentrated powder to get the juice
Pulp  filling machine
Washing pulp juice filling capping 3in1 monoblock
Grain size less than 3mmfilling machine 4in1
Washing –juice filling –cup filling –capping 4in1 monoblock


Model: RGF14/12/5 RGF16/16/6 RGF18/18/6 RGF24/24/8 RGF32/32/10 RGF40/40/12


3000 5000 6000 8000 12000 14000
Suitable Bottle: 150-340(mm)
Suitable Cap: φ50-φ110 (mm)
Filling Pressure: 0.2-0.3(Mpa)
Power (kw)
Size : (mm) 2400×1670×2350 2470×1970×2350 2865×2170×2350 3700×2570×2350 3800×2950×2400 4500×3400×2400
Weight:(kg) 2500 3000 4000 5000 6000 8000

More Details of  fully automatic juice filling machine


Complete line of Aloe Vera Mango Orange Apple Grape Coconut Fruit Processing Concentrated Fresh Pulp Granule Juice Aseptic Hot Filling Blow Molding Labeling Packing Machine

Water Treatment System
Source water tank →Source water pump→ Quartz sand filter→ Active carbon filter→ Ion soften machine→ Fine filter →Reverse Osmosis→Ozone sterilizer → pure water tank
Juice blending system

Concentrated fruit juice → Syrup melting pot→ Beverage pump → Syrup filter → Blending tank → Beverage pump→Double head filter →Juice Homogenizer → Beverage pump → Vacuum degasser→ Screw pump → Beverage tank→ Beverage pump → Super high temperature sterilizer(UHT) → Heat insulation tank → CIP system

Bottle washing filling and capping  monoblock machinery
2in1:Air conveyor ---filling part --capping part--light checker --filled bottle conveyor

Air conveyor --washing part --filling part --capping part--light checker --filled bottle conveyor


Air conveyor --washing part -- fruit filling part ---juice filling machinery---capping part--light checker --filled bottle conveyor

Bottle Inverse Sterilizer Machine

It is mainly used in sterilizing pet bottle mouth and inside surface of caps.In which has not been disinfected by hot tea,fruit juice which having been filled in pet bottle.

Pasteurizer tunnel
This machine can reduce the temperature of hot filling drinks to 36°C-40°C.It is used in carbonated hot tea drinks,juice drinks and litchi juice production line.
Packing system

code printer

PVC sleeve shrinking labeling machine :
OPP labeling machinery

Shrink wrapping packing machine

Carton packing machinery

Preform Injection and bottle blowing mold system
Bottle Blowing Machine
Main automatic blowing machine
high &low pressure compressor
high pressure air storage tank
air filters
air cooling dryer
water chiller
Bottle mould follow the sample to design

Q1: Do you have reference project?
A1: We have reference project in most countries,If we get the permission of the customer who has brought the machines from us ,we can tell you their contact imformation,you can go to vist their factory.
And you are always welcome to come to visit our company,and see the machine running in our factory,we can pick you up from the station near our city.
Contact our sales people you can get video of our reference running machine

Q2: Do you have agent and after-service stations?
A2: So far we have agent in Yemen,Nigeria,Dubai,India,Kenya,Dubai welcome to join us!

Q3: Do you provide customized service
A3: We can design the machines according your requirements(materil ,power,filling type,the kinds of the bottles,and so on),at the same time we will give you our professional suggestion,as you know,we have been in this industry for many years.

Q4: What's your guarantee or the warranty of the quality if we buy your machines?
A4: We offer you high quality machines with 1 year guarantee and supply life-long technical support.

Q5: How long time for installation?

A5: According your machines order,we will send one or two engineers to your plant,it will take about 10 days to 25 days.