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PE Film Shrink Wrapping Machine
PE Film Shrink Wrapping Machine
PE Film Shrink Wrapping Machine
PE Film Shrink Wrapping Machine

PE Film Shrink Wrapping MachinePE Film Shrink Wrapping Machine

This Film Shrink Wrapping Machine could order the bottles to packing by heating the film. It is used for kinds of bottles

Packing speed: 10bags per min

heat shrinkable films material: PE, PP, PVC, POF


Input Power:28.0KW

Production Efficiency:10Packages/min

input Voltage:Customized

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  • Product Description

Fully automatic L-shaped heat shrinkable film wrapping machine

This Shrink Wrapping Machine adopts high efficiency and continuous operation designed . It could arrange the bottles into group, packing by film,and then heating and cutting the film

It is used into packing beer, beverage, pure water, fruit juice, dairy products, etc.

Model: GY-MB-L
Input Power 28.0KW
input Voltage Customized
Production Efficiency 10Packages/min
Size of Host Machine 4200L×1200W×2200H


Applicable Diameter of Bottle Body 25mm~220mm
Applicable Length of Label 30mm~330mm
Height of Conveying Belt 750mm~1100mm
Working Pressure 0.6~0.8Mpa
Sealing and cutting time/temperature 0.5-1.5s 180°C-260°C
Air Consumption 0.6m3/minute
Various heat shrinkable films such as  PE, PP, PVC, POF
Packaging film width ≤600mm could be Customized
Heat sealing knife length 600-700mm
Shrinking temperature 130-260 ℃


3) Packaging process of Shrink Wrapping Machine

Conveyor for moving bottle → bottle divide and push  → film wrapping and sealing → shrink → cooling

1.The packagingbottles are directly placed on the chain plate for feeding

2.wrapping and sealing: the bottle reach the main machine,should be divide followthe senor, The packages are pressed by the pressing device set above to prevent them to fall . After the pushing cylinder retracts, the film sealing cylinder and the film cutting cylinder worktogetherto complete the film casing and sealing.

3.Shrinking: After the wrappingis completed, the package enters the shrinking tunnel for shrink by high temperature

4.Cooling: After the packaging,shrinkagepasses through the cooling device set at the end of the machine.