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Huifeng Machine Argentina Exhibition ,Welcome for Your Coming!

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Our company just participated in the exhibition in Argentina last week. The details of the exhibition are as follows.


Regarding the exhibition, our company has already started preparations several months in advance. From the construction of the booth, the allocation of personnel, the preparation of exhibits, etc., everything is going on in an orderly manner to ensure the successful completion of this exhibition.

Although the epidemic has not yet ended, this exhibition has not been affected by it, and the number of exhibitors has increased compared with previous years. Our sales staff talked with prospective customers and solved customers’ problems, and have communicated with many customers. A preliminary cooperation intention has been reached, and we will continue to follow up to achieve cooperation after the exhibition.

In this exhibition, we also visited other booths and compared and studied the booths of our peers and upstream and downstream products, so as to improve our products in order to better cater to the market and serve customers.