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  • vinegar filler and capper
  • tomato sauce filling machinery
  • Ketup/tomoto sauce Filling machinery
  • Automatic detergent bottle filling/cappin
  • detergent filling machine, capping and la
  • PULP juice produce plant
  • Hot Sale Soy Milk Filling Aluminum Foil Sealing 4-in-1 Machine
  • Warming machine
Drinking water solutions
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According to "drinking water health standards" GB5749-2006 is defined as "drinking water and domestic water for human life,
Drinking water to define

According to "drinking water health standards" GB5749-2006 is defined as "drinking water and domestic water for human life, sealed in plastic, glass, etc. Can be directly drinking water in the container. Including drinking natural mineral water, natural spring water, drinking water, drinking mineral water and other drinking water, etc.
In star A applies to pure water, mineral water, beverage products all kinds of water treatment equipment, water and process water mainly includes: pretreatment system (multi medium filter, activated carbon filter, ion exchanger, microporous filter), membrane separation system (super filter, filter, reverse osmosis units), electrodialysis equipment, sterilization equipment (such as uv equipment, ozone equipment)


Experience the natural flavor, taste a healthy life

 SANXING HUIFENG MACHINERY provide A comprehensive solution: relative to A single device, liquid products factory the whole line equipment we pursue "aggregation" efficiency and ability; Compared with the single production line, we focus on the covers most of the drinking water plant design and integration.
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