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Warming machine
    Publish time 2019-06-03 20:30    
warming machinery

The machine is special equipment studied for cooling filling production line according to technological features of the hot filling line. The machine takes room temperature water as cooling medium through spraying system, rapidly and equably warming the products from low temperature to room temperature after filling, that prevents the adverse changes of the product at low temperature, and it’s conducive to maintaining the flavor of the product itself, also for the after packaging work.

Change the temperature from 4℃ or lower than 4℃to normal, follow the different temperature required, we will product the different type machine

This machine could join with the filling machine, labeling machine, and the other packing machine to complete line, and be controlled by the PLC.
Its working-process can be divided into three stages: circulating hot-water spraying, warm-water pre-cooling and cold-water cooling. The cooling-heating temperature can be regulated according to the requirements of the user.

When the bottles go through it by the conveyor, in each process, there are the liquid spout from the pipes, and to cool the hot containers.